Community Mapping

London is home to a diverse array of Black-led health organisations, groups, and black health focused initiatives. This map serves as a valuable resource to discover and give visibility to these organisations and groups across London.


We recognise the importance of highlighting the incredible work of these organisations, which play a crucial role in shaping and enriching the health of Black Londoners. If you are simply interested in learning about the impactful work being done, this map does offer a gateway to exploration.


Please note that the inclusion of organisations on this map does not imply endorsement or validation. Rather, it aims to provide a centralised platform for awareness and connectivity. We encourage users to explore, engage, and learn more about the organisations listed here, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.


As the map evolves, we welcome feedback and suggestions to ensure its accuracy and relevance. Let’s celebrate the strength, resilience, and contributions of Black-led organisations in London, working together towards a more inclusive and united city.


This webpage provides a platform for information and resources related to various Black-led and Black-serving health organisations and groups across London. It is important to note that the inclusion of any organisation on this website does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or validation by the London inspire Programme. Read More