London inspire Programme (LiP) continues to build momentum through targeted health interventions for Black Londoners


The London inspire Programme (LiP) is pleased to report on its continued successful delivery of health interventions aimed at London’s Black communities. Established in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, London inspire was set up to address the staggering health inequalities facing Black people across the capital, beginning first with the ‘8 Boroughs Pilot Project’.


Now into its groundbreaking second phase, co-designed by lead partner CAHN (Caribbean and African Health Network), London inspire is centred on improving health literacy through targeted health interventions for Black Caribbean and African communities in each of London’s 32 boroughs. The programme is co-chaired by Juliet Amoa, Associate Director in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Community Health and Engagement in the Borough of Lambeth and Cedi Frederick, Independent Chair at the London Legacy and Health Equity Partnership (LHEP) Oversight Group.


London inspire is funded by the NHS and works within and across local authorities, Integrated Care Boards and other statutory bodies to tackle health inequalities disadvantaging Black Londoners. This iteration of the programme is underpinned by six key areas:

  1. Health awareness-raising – improve the health literacy of Black Londoners by sharing information
    on various health conditions, thereby equipping people to practise better self-care and motivating
    them to take greater ownership of their health.
  2. Community events with health screening –
    a) support health community engagements and events with a health focus which are targeted
    at the Black Caribbean and African community.
    b) Facilitate community health screening and talks delivered by clinicians and allied health
  3. Shining the light on best practice – seek to promote and highlight notable interventions (services,
    programmes or projects) delivered by Black-led organisations or those which primarily serve Black
  4. Community Asset Mapping – mapping exercise to scope Black-led and Black-service voluntary
    and community health-focused organisations across London, and their health or associated
  5. Website with health resources – the resource website will host salient and relevant information such as: toolkits; geographical representation of Black-serving and Black-led organisations across London; a knowledge centre and various information which supports the betterment of Black health.
  6. Structured engagement with London’s Integrated Care System – improve outcomes in population health and healthcare by influencing the Integrated Care Board’s (ICB) plans to address health inequalities – especially strategy levers such as ‘People and Communities’ and ‘Equality,
    Diversity & Inclusion’ (EDI).


Capitalising on this year’s Black History Month, the LiP steering group recently met with the leadership of Greater London Integrated Care System with a view to influence the prioritisation of Black health across London’s five Integrated Care Boards. In October 2023, LiP has also run a health awareness campaign,
spotlighting various health conditions which disproportionately affect Black people across the 31 days of the month.


Charles Kwaku Odoi, Chief Executive of CAHN said: “London inspire was developed in response to a reality which we were already privy to prior to the pandemic: the health outcomes of Black people across the UK point towards significant health disparities when compared with their white counterparts. In this partnered working on a project centred on the Black community in the capital city, CAHN anticipates real change in strategy, public policy and practice – brought about through our collaboration with key stakeholders across London’s boroughs as we mobilise the Black community to take ownership of their health.”


In addition to the ventures of the steering group, the success of London inspire is made possible through the voluntary efforts of nurses and other healthcare professionals who lend their time to speak at LiP events and run health screening in local neighbourhoods.


Further information regarding the London inspire programme (LiP) and volunteering opportunities can be
found at the website:




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