Leah De Souza-Thomas

Leah de Souza-Thomas BSc (Hons), MSc, MPH

Leah is a seasoned public health professional with 20 years of rich experience at national, regional, and local levels. Trained in biomedical science, epidemiology, and public health, Leah adds a unique blend of scientific rigour and holistic wellness to healthcare approaches. Her expertise extends to lifestyle medicine and nutritional therapy, showing a solid commitment to preventive care and wellbeing.

Leah is passionate about levelling the healthcare playing field and dismantling healthcare disparities. These are fundamental themes running through all her work, whether managing London’s cardiovascular disease prevention efforts, tracking drug resistance in gonorrhoea across the UK or leading workplace health initiatives for a London council. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Leah championed and led creative strategies to specifically meet the health needs of Black Londoners.

Beyond institutional roles, Leah is dedicated to individual wellbeing. Many of her clients seeking personalised health guidance belong to the Black African and Caribbean communities, valuing her culturally sensitive approach to healthcare. Leah strongly believes that understanding the uniqueness of each community is the key to addressing broader health inequalities.

As a member of the London inspire Programme Steering group, Leah is thrilled to contribute her wide-ranging skills and insights to make a lasting impact on public health, particularly for those communities that need it the most. She is particularly excited about the programme’s commitment to addressing healthcare inequalities in Black communities. She sees it as an opportunity to further meld policy, science, and community engagement into practical solutions for all.